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Gemamex Motion Co. is the Bulgarian manufacturer of powerful charging stations for electric buses with ultra-capacitor

The company’s production range is focused on developing fast charging stations with a power of up to 450 kW (single module) for an alternating supply voltage of 3 x 400 VAC and a power of 250 kW (single module) for a constant supply voltage of 660 VDC. The single modules can be connected in parallel, which doubles the above capacities to 900 kW or 500 kW respectively. Fast charge technology is applied, where according to the energy capacity of the ultra-capacitor, about 5-8 kWh of energy can be charged in one minute. The charging is performed through charging pillars, and it is possible to work with both a two-pole and a four-pole pantograph.

These charging stations can also be upgraded for DC charging of buses, trucks and electric cars with standard batteries via a cable with CCS2 interface.

We also offer a software for monitoring the charging processes with options for energy management of the bus auto-park.

After 7 years of manufacturing and installing charging stations in Bulgaria, Austria, Serbia, Denmark and Italy, we have gained sufficient experience in this sphere. The overall development in part project, hardware and software was created by Gemamex specialists.

Tested and perfected, it enjoys high ratings from electric bus operators.

There are 16 such charging stations operating in Sofia, which serve 48 electric buses, and 3 more will be installed soon.