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Omron is a Japanese manufacturer of all types of sensors, relays, limit switches, safety products, counters, thermostats and timers with a product range of over 200,000.


Yaskawa is a Japanese manufacturer of frequency controls /inverters/, drives for pumps and elevators, escalators, linear and rotary drives, DC motors, and spindle motors.


LinMot / Linear Motors is a Swiss company producing industrial linear drives.


INVT is a Chinese company based in Shenzhen and is a leader in the production of frequency inverters and drives for pumps and elevators, escalators, linear and rotary drives, energy control systems.


APEX Dynamics, Inc. is a Taiwanese company manufacturing high-precision planetary gearboxes for servo motors.


Estun Automation is a Chinese company based in Nanjing and specialized in manufacturing industrial robots, servo drive systems, electro-hydraulic servo systems, HMIs.

Oriental Motor

Oriental Motor Corporation is a Japanese company manufacturing stepper motors, servo motors, brushless motors, industrial cooling fans, AC motors and linear drives.


I.R.E. is an Italian company founded in 1994, manufacturing cemented and enamelled wire resistors and shunts, metal cased resistors and aluminum housings.


PATLITE is a Japanese company leading manufacturer of LED signal lighting, audible alarms, visual and audio communication networks that improve safety.


TELE HAASE GMBH is an Austrian company specialized in the production of monitoring relays, time relays, phase monitoring relays. Some of the applications are for the control and protection of pumps and compressors.


Founded in 1986, Seica SpA is an innovative, high-tech company that develops and manufactures leading solutions for testing and selective soldering of electronic boards and modules, as well as flying probe machines.

Omron AOI

Omron provides a full range of SPI, AOI and AXI systems that are easy to use and offer quick verification program generation. These solutions meet the inspection needs of any SMT manufacturer.