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17 May 2023

The main focus of today’s manufacturing environment is how power and precision can be safely harnessed with the presence of human reason and logic to solve tasks that require a robotic solution. We recognize this need and pleased to introduce to you the latest generation of OMRON TM series collaborative robots.

Their safety, easy and fast programming, and affordability represent the new step towards creating an intelligent production environment where people and machines can work together as one.

By using the OMRON TM Collaborative Robot, you can achieve the best possible efficiency, realizing a wide range of industrial applications.
Quick and easy setup of the built-in camera

The OMRON TM robot features a camera built into a movable joint that works as an element of a functionally integrated intelligent machine vision system. It locates objects in a wide field of view. The presence of multiple filters contributes to the improvement of the image in the recognition of objects in almost any conditions. Camera calibration setup has never been that simpler thanks to intelligent auto-calibration software.

TM flow software:

The TM Flow platform gives not only a feeling of extreme flexibility in programming, but also essential simplicity in its use even by beginner programmers. Users can control and set parameters and use a sequence of function blocks to plan motions and process logic. At the same time, TM Flow’s design offers the use of sub screens that allow multiple robots to be controlled from a single Windows screen.

Safety in shared applications:

OMRON’s collaborative robots are designed to work safely alongside humans thanks to zone-programmable force feedback. It limits force contact with a person to levels suitable for work without any healt risks. In addition, light curtains or other type of safety devices can be integrated to enter collaboration mode.

All collaborative robots of this type fulfill the requirements of the safety standard according to ISO 10218-1, ISO 10218-2 as well as the technical specification of ISO TS-15066.

Functional features

  • 6 rotary joints
  • Inputs/Outputs: 16/16 digital inputs/outputs and 2/1 analog inputs/outputs
  • Input/Output ports: 3xCOM, 1xHDMI, 3xLAN, 4xUSB2.0, 2xUSB3.0, 1xVGA
  • Communication: RS232, Ethernet, MODBUS TCP/RTU
  • Built-in color camera: 1.2M/5M pixels
  • External camera (optional): 2GigE maximum
  • Certification: CE, SEMI S2 (optional)