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BD 3-6kW-RL1 – Single Phase Hybrid Solar Inverter

BD 3-6kW-RL1 – Single Phase Hybrid Solar Inverter

17 May 2023

Key features:

INVT iMars BD are a new generation of photovoltaic products based on the idea of maintenance-free intelligent products, which integrate multiple functions such as charging, energy storage, BMS battery management system, etc. This inverter can automatically identify the mode of the off grid / grid connection to achieve the best possible result.


Higher result efficiency

  • Maximum efficiency: 97.6%
  • Input source priority can be set by the user


  • Accessible O&M
  • IP65 – possibility of external installation
  • Protection against reversal polarity when connecting a battery.
  • Supports RS485/CAN/DRM (WiFi/4G options): remote monitoring control via PC or mobile phone


  • Various configuration
  • Supports automatic battery switching
  • Supports diesel generator as an input source
  • Intelligent management of the BMS system
  • Compatible with lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries